Yuma Airshow

The mission of the Planes of Fame Air Museum is to preserve aviation history, inspire an interest in aviation, educate the public, and honor aviation pioneers and veterans.

On the surface, the mission is simple and straightforward. Four cornerstones – preserve, inspire, educate and honor – form the basis of everything we do. 


Our efforts at preservation have assembled one of the most extensive collections of rare and historic aircraft in the world. We take this a step further by restoring many of these aircraft to flight. These meticulous restorations have saved some of history’s most precious aircraft. Putting them back in the sky allows new generations to appreciate our vast aviation heritage. These efforts continue on a daily basis at the Museum.


Inspiration takes many forms. Our annual Airshow lets thousands see and hear historic warbirds, vintage aircraft, and aerobatic performers take to the skies. Our Aviation Discovery Center provides hands-on experiences that help Museum visitors gain appreciation for the wonder of flight. Through endeavors such as our Youth Programs, Student Art Contest and our College Scholarships, our goal is to kindle an interest with young people to the enticing field of aviation.


From guided tours, school field trips, and our stimulating monthly Living History presentations, the educational efforts of the Museum play an essential part of our ongoing activities. In order to better tell important stories from aviation’s rich history, we’re integrating many of our Museum displays and graphic support with new levels of interactivity. Our Research Library and Model Room are knowledge centers dedicated to assisting in scholarly endeavors.


We recognize that the intellectual and physical contributions of the men and women who built this industry, and the veterans who advanced it through their service and sacrifices, are worthy of honor. The Museum presents its annual “Achievement in Aviation” award to individuals who exemplify the highest standards in aviation. Each month, our Kilroy Coffee Klatch says a simple “thanks” to veterans past and present. Our 475th Fighter Group tribute, the Wright Flyer display, and the developing Korean War Memorial, further honor major contributions to aviation’s legacy.

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